At ACS Carpentry ltd we are committed, and take seriously our responsibilities to create a environmentally sustainable workplace on site, in our storage facility and in our workshop. Here is an outline of our policy.

  • We at ACS Carpentry will regularly keep up to date with the (Environmental Protection Act 1990) and keep ourselves informed of any new legislation that we can improve on during our work activities .
  • ACS Carpentry will always seek to use sustainable materials, consistent with the needs of our contract.
  • In the carrying out it’s operations ACS Carpentry.will always try to avoid damage to the environment/pollution and  statutory nuisance and noise.
  • Any environmental problems foreseen or encountered in the carrying out of a contract to the clients instructions will immediately be brought to the attention of the client, and then if necessary any competent body or authority. With the aim of a satisfactory resolution.
  • We will always keep our work places clean and in an  organised state, keeping waste to a minimum and will always try to find ways of recycling it or reusing it.
  • At ACS Carpentry we are committed to strive for continuous  improvement of our environmental policies and practices,  and will always update our policy when new information becomes available.